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Bankruptcy Law Professionals


Tran Bankruptcy Law are Bankruptcy Law Professionals located throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside. Specifically, the  Professionals have offices in Monterey Park, Santa Ana and the City of Riverside. The owner, Attorney Rex Tran has over 1000 Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases filed. Rex is a professional handling bankruptcy law since he started practicing law in 2009.

As a partner, Rex instills certain qualities and practices in the firm to ensure the best service to our clients. This putting clients first. Tran ensures that clients have access to attorneys. This means that clients can interact with attorneys directly by phone and email. Additionally, clients at Tran Bankruptcy Law ran are treated with respect. Clients are not just a number. The firm is not a mill. At Tran Bankruptcy Law, clients are treated as individuals with names and faces. Rex ensures that the firm does whatever it can to make sure clients are comfortable during the difficult bankruptcy period.

At Tran Bankruptcy Law, initial consultations are free. There is no risk to come in and speak with Rex to determine whether he is the right attorney for you. Feel free to search for the many great reviews written about Rex. There is not a single negative post. We look forward to hearing from you.