Now that this chapter 7 of my life (haaaa) has come to a close, I felt the need to write this review for Chen and Tran.

Back in April, with the unexpected passing of one of my parents, a large, large sum of debt was passed onto me. As a 22-year old college student, this kind of predicament was unimaginable and for my occupation as a full-time student and part-time Disneyland cashier, this debt: monstrous. I considered bankruptcy as an option so I wouldn’t have to drop out of school for a few years to pay off the debt.

I got the free consult visit with Rex and immediately I felt he was reliable. He’s very straightforward and honest with you. Just to keep my options open, I reached out to a few other bankruptcy attorneys for consults but they didn’t present themselves quite the way Rex did. He was sharp, composed, and ready-to-go. And despite my unusually young age for someone considering bankruptcy, he was always respectful and treated me like any other of his clients. Another awesome thing about him is that he was ALWAYS on point with the dates and any important deadlines coming up. He kept me in check through e-mails to remind me. He’s just super organized and trust me that’s what you want in an attorney.

For my actual court hearing, I met up with Michael and he was very assuring and informative as to what is expected of me.

My whole bankruptcy process went smoothly and clean. I highly recommend Chen and Tran because for an emotionally daunting process such as bankruptcy, you want to know that you’re in good hands. I will forever recommend their office to anyone who needs it and thank them for the 5* quality service.