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The Law Offices of Chen & Tran Bankruptcy Attorneys (Click for Video)

The Law Offices of Chen & Tran is a professional law office with locations throughout Southern California.  As a leader in the legal fields we practice, we strive to bring to our clients the highest quality of legal representation and service.  We maintain our competitive edge by offering our clients a combination of fair pricing and aggressive legal representation.

Our offices’ philosophy is simple: “Attention to Detail.”  By focusing our attention on client relations, legal interests, and office management, we ensure that no detail is left neglected.  This in turn allows us to provide the highest quality of legal service possible for our clients while being sensitive to time, costs, and positive results.  Our offices are staffed with attorneys who work together as a team and are fully committed to our clients’ legal interests.

Introduction to The Law Offices of Chen & Tran (Click for Video)

Bankruptcy is the legal procedure by which a debtor’s previous debts are either discharged or restructured, and the debtor is provided with enough assets to live on so that he or she can have a fresh financial restart. When debts are discharged, the bankruptcy court prohibits creditors from taking any form of collection action on such debts. The debtor is no longer legally required to pay on discharged debts. When debts are restructured, a repayment plan is proposed under which a debtor can make installment payments to creditors over a three to five year period. Below is a brief description of the different types of bankruptcy chapters available.

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Thank you for selecting The Law Offices of Chen & Tran as your bankruptcy attorneys. We pride ourselves in providing the best client services. We have locations all over Southern California including Orange County and Riverside. Our experience includes over 1000 Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases combined. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions, comments or concerns.

New Location in Monterey Park (Click for Video)

The Law Offices of Chen & Tran are extremely happy to announce the opening of our third office in Monterey Park, CA.  We also have locations in Santa Ana and Riverside, CA to provide the best Bankruptcy and Personal Injury services.