Santa Ana Bankruptcy Attorney qualificationsBankruptcy in Santa Ana

Santa Ana, CA is the home of the United States Bankruptcy Court, Central District of California, Santa Ana Division.  Santa Ana is located in Central Orange County.  It is the second most populated city behind Anaheim, and is the the top 50 most populated city in the United States.

In part, due to the population in Santa Ana and Orange County, according to the Central District Court website, they are the largest Bankruptcy Court in the United States.  In addition to Santa Ana, the Central District of California has bankruptcy courts in Los Angeles, Riverside, Santa Barbara and San Fernando Valley.

What this all means when finding a bankruptcy attorney in Santa Ana

Due to the volume of bankruptcy filings in Santa Ana, there are a number of attorneys practicing bankruptcy.  There are also a number of petition preparers and paralegals who assist people as well.  Because of this, there are also a number of scams taking advantage of people who file for bankruptcy.

What to look for in a bankruptcy attorney in Santa Ana

When searching for a bankruptcy attorney, do not stop at the first place you visit.  Most bankruptcy attorneys in Santa Ana or Orange County offer free consultations.  In some cases they even offer over the phone or online evaluations.

Regular Bankruptcy Practice

A sign of a good bankruptcy attorney is one or regularly practices in bankruptcy law.  You do not need an attorney who only practices in bankruptcy law, but that is evidence that they focus all of their energy into bankruptcy.

Knowledge of Bankruptcy in Santa Ana

Additionally find an attorney who knows the bankruptcy trustees and is familiar with the bankruptcy rules.  This may require you to do some research on your own, but it will benefit you when searching for a bankruptcy attorney in Santa Ana.

Bankruptcy Experience

To determine if the bankruptcy attorney has experience, find out how many cases they have worked on.  Ask the attorney if they practice in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.  Experienced bankruptcy attorneys will have worked on both types of bankruptcy.  Knowing all types of bankruptcies allows the attorney see more issues and options for your financial situation.


Good bankruptcy attorneys will also communicate with you.  Test their communication skills.  Ask them to follow up with you, remind you of your appointment, or email you their contact information.  If they do not follow up with you, it might be a sign of things to come from that attorney.