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Outline of Basic Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process


After completing a consultation with Tran bankruptcy Law, if you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, below is the step by step process to complete your case. Call us at (888) 938-5393 to schedule a consultation or complete the Online Form for a full evaluation of your case.

1) The first step is to gather all of the documents on the document checklist.

2) Please review the bankruptcy preparation sheet

3) Please review the provided retainer agreement and disclaimers. Do not hesitate to reach out to the firm with any questions. If you do have no questions, please sign the retainer and all disclaimers.

4) Once you sign the retainer and disclaimers, and once you have all of the documents on the checklist, please email, scan, fax, or use Google Drive, Dropbox, or regular mail to send the documents to me.

We prefer PDF files, however, if you need to drop off the documents in person, please let us know and we can schedule a quick meeting. We prefer that you provide copies of all documents.

We also have a window slot at our Santa Ana office. You can also mail us documents. The mailing address is: 1633 E 4th St #214, Santa Ana, CA 92701

5) If you haven’t already, please complete the Bankruptcy Questionnaire (PDF Format or MS Word Doc).

6) Paying attorney Fees. You can pay as much as you can until the fees are paid in full. There are no monthly service fees, interest, or late fees. Please make sure to follow up after a payment to ensure that you receive a receipt. Payment Methods:

a) Drop off check or cash (contact to set up a quick appointment)

b) You can mail a check to 1633 E 4th St #214, Santa Ana, CA 92701.

c) Make a payment using Zelle through your bank or using their website. you can send the payment to rtran@tranbankruptcylaw.com

d) You can make a payment through PayPal. You cannot pay by credit card. You must use a debit card. Only a third party can use a credit card to pay the fees for you.

7) When we receive the documents we will draft the petition. Once the fees are paid in full, we will set up an appointment to review the petition.

8) If the petition is complete without any issues, then you will take the first Credit Counseling Class at the link below. The class costs about $20. You will pay that amount directly to them. Credit Counseling Class

9) We will file the case. After we file the case, the court will provide a hearing date, time, location (or other method, due to the coronavirus issue). The date is normally at about 30 days after the case is filed.

10) You will take the second class at the link below. The second class is also about $20. You will pay that amount directly to them.  Credit Counseling Class

11) We will go to court. You will receive all the information necessary for court, including the questions they might ask. 

12) That is it. About two to three months later, if there are no issues in your case, you will receive a discharge of your debt.