Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney
Rex Tran
Rex Tran


Since becoming a member of the California Bar, Rex Tran has focused his practice on representing consumer debtors in bankruptcy. 


I cannot put into words how grateful I am for Attorney Rex Tran. My mom was only left with the option of filing for bankruptcy and I am so glad we found Mr.Tran! He made the process sooooo smooth for my mom and was very, very patient with her since she does not ¬†to speak English very well, but he always made sure she fully understood everything he reviewed with her. He was even complimented by a judge at the courthouse about how thorough his report was. I can’t be...
Rex Tran is the best attorney out there to help with anyone’s bankruptcy needs! I am so glad he was mine! He made the process very smooth for me. I had a phone consultation with him due to my busy schedule that revolves around my daughter. That was so convenient! He is very thorough and let’s you know everything you’ll need to have a successful filing. If you have any questions he was also easy to reach via email or phone. I totally recommend him if you need a lawyer...
Visited with Rex Tran to discuss options concerning bankruptcy. The hour was free and during that time he asked questions and typed the responses into his computer. That way if we decided to proceed the filing would be very easy. It was our understanding that it takes 3-4 months from start to receiving the final papers from the court. Chapter 7 costs were about $1600 for everything. However one could not get any additional debt during those 3-4 months, so getting student loan money would be an issue while in...