If you have never hired a bankruptcy attorney before, bankruptcy retainer agreements may seem like a foreign concept. This is a legal contract between you and us, as your law firm. It protects your interests and protects ours, making it a mutually beneficial document.

Aspects of a Bankruptcy Retainer Agreement

When you retain us as your bankruptcy attorney, there will be some paperwork for you to sign. The bankruptcy retainer agreement is the primary document and it will include multiple provisions such as:

Your personal information

Any contract you sign should include your legal name and address.

Our firm information

Contact information, legal name and the party authorized to sign on behalf of our firm will be listed.


This agreement spells out how much we are going to charge you for filing and handling your bankruptcy from start to finish. This is not an hourly rate normally but a flat rate that is easy to budget for. Additionally, it will clarify how much of that fee will be given to us right away and how the rest will be paid. For example, you could make monthly payments, etc.

Rights of both parties

Your legal rights will be clearly spelled out and so will ours. This eliminates any concerns over ambiguity and makes it clear what the extent of the legal relationship is and the rights that both parties have within it.

Putting all of this in writing is critical to the process because it prevents any confusion and ensures that you will be able to pay our fees rather than the trustee seizing the funds that were for that purpose. For that reason, it is necessary for you to sign the bankruptcy retainer well before we actually file for bankruptcy.

We will not be able to file on your behalf without this agreement in place so make sure that you ask any questions that you need to in order to feel comfortable overall. Keep in mind that this is a document that will protect your interests in addition to ours, so it is truly beneficial for everyone involved. Still, we will go over the agreement in great detail if necessary. You can ask plenty of questions, discuss your options and then decide how you want to proceed. We will support your decision and be proactive in making it a reality.

Schedule a Consultation with a Bankruptcy Attorney

Filing for bankruptcy can help to turn your life around. I can give you the financial help you need to regain a strong footing and to move forward in your life. Further, I can help to make that possible by providing you with everything necessary to complete a bankruptcy successfully. A bankruptcy retainer agreement will be an important aspect of our discussions during the consultation.

I encourage you to ask whatever questions are necessary for you to feel comfortable with the entire process and will always provide you with sound legal advice. To get started, call our office and schedule a consultation today.

NOTE: This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.