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Although Irvine has always been a robust city, Tran Bankruptcy Law understand that the financial conditions of our society today have effected everyone. We also understand that when people are dealing with financial struggles they want to be able to speak to an attorney that is experienced, knowledgeable and cares.  Here, at Tran Bankruptcy Law (TBL) our Irvine clients come first.  We have the experience and know how to efficiently process your bankruptcy needs while maintaining the level of personal service that everyone deserves.

We are competitive, flexible and personal for our Irvine bankruptcy clients

Tran Bankruptcy Law believes that great service does not come at great cost.  Our fees are always competitive and our service means complying with your needs.  We are here for our Irvine clients from beginning to end.  Our attorneys personally answer client calls and emails.  Our bankruptcy attorneys handle all documents with the Court and we appear with you at your Court hearing.  We also make sure your case gets finalized by monitoring all actions on your case until it is closed with the bankruptcy court.

When it comes to fees, we are flexible.  Bankruptcy consultations are free and we always try to fit around your schedule.  We offer payment plans and options to meet all of our clients needs.  Our goal is our client’s goal.  To get you the fresh start that you deserve.

Bankruptcy Resources

Preserving Justice and Ensuring Balance is our end game.  With the economy we are in, even Irvine can’t withstand the crushing losses we have seen over the years.  The endgame is to give our client that balanced fresh start.  Not only financially but with information as well.  To better serve you, our attorneys have spent hours researching and writing informational blogs and discussions.

TBL: Irvine Bankruptcy Attorneys

At Tran Bankruptcy Law, you are not just a case number or a file. Our Irvine bankruptcy attorneys are motivated to provide great legal services with the attention to detail to get you through the bankruptcy process. The founders of the firm, Rex Tran believes clients can be better served even at low costs. This is due to their personal, professional and military experience. Both have given their time and service as war veterans that still currently serve in the United States Army Reserve here in Irvine.

Partner Attorney Rex Tran

Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney

Rex graduated law school in Southern California at the California Western School of Law. Moreover, not only did he completed undergrad right here in Orange County at the University of California, Irvine, he is also a Veteran serving in the United States Army Reserve with the 78th Legal Operations Detachment right here in Los Alamitos, CA. He was born and raised in Orange County. During this time, he has witnessed what the economic downturn has done to the people and businesses here. He is no stranger to the idea that in many circumstances a fresh start can lead to economic prosperity for everyone. Rex has vast Orange County bankruptcy experience. This stems from his previous employment as a managing attorney in the nation’s largest bankruptcy firm. He started Tran Bankruptcy Law in order to better serve his clients.