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Manage Your Debt

    Orange County Bankruptcy AttorneyIt doesn’t need to be explained that all people should not only manage their debt but should also keep a strict budget.  Here is an article explaining how most Most Americans are one paycheck away from the street.

    Options to Manage Your Debt

    There are a number of options to help you manage your debt and finances.  One options is to visit with a financial adviser to help you with credit counseling and budgeting.  There are also debt consolidation or settlement options available as well.  However, one option that you should not keep in the back burner is Bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy should not be seen as a last resort.

    In today’s economy, bankruptcy might be the first, best and most inexpensive option especially if you are like “Most Americans.”  There are a number of types of bankruptcy to fit almost every person’s financial situation.  If you are above the median household income, you have the option to file for a Chapter 13 which will help you get out of, control or relieve your debt in 5 years.

    For individuals and families who make less than the median income, the Chapter 7 bankruptcy is available.  Chapter 7 is sometimes called liquidation, but in most cases it is a near instant discharge of all your debt.  Chapter 7 will eliminate most unsecured debt without making any payments to the creditors.

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