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Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney

    Orange County Bankruptcy Law Offices

    Thank you for finding Tran Bankruptcy Law. We are experienced Orange County bankruptcy attorneys that will help you with all your bankruptcy needs. As long time residents of Orange County, our attorneys want to help our clients and grow with our community. We understand how difficult it is when there are so many things to do and see in Orange County, but your financial stress keeps your from doing anything. Our bankruptcy attorneys have years of experience and have filed over 600 bankruptcy cases throughout Southern California. Because of our extensive experience, we have established working relationships with the Orange County Bankruptcy Court and trustees. Our experience and network makes Tran Bankruptcy Law your first choice for your Orange County Bankruptcy needs.

    Servicing Your Orange County Bankruptcy Needs

    Tran Bankruptcy Law offers a combination of great customer service and competitive pricing. “Servicing your needs” means that you will always deal with our lawyers from the outset. Our Orange County bankruptcy attorneys will handle your case from beginning to end. This means that an attorney will provide your initial consultation, review your documents, draft your petition, file it and attend every bankruptcy hearing. We want to ensure that your next trip to Disney Land with your children, or that long walk on the beach is stress free.

    Our goal is to help you achieve the financial freedom we all deserve. Our attorneys see the residents of Orange County working day in and day out with many of us making just enough to pay that University of California, Irvine, or Cal State Fullerton Tuition. We want you to be able to enjoy your next trip to Knott’s Berry Farm. This is why we offer free consultations and explain all the costs and details upfront.

    Competitive Orange County Bankruptcy Pricing

    Furthermore, you will appreciate our competitive pricing. Starting at just $500 for a basic Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we offer the lowest prices for an Orange County Bankruptcy. Our attorneys have the “know how” and experience to save you time and money. Tran Bankruptcy Law can provide big firm efficiency and pricing with the comfort and care of a boutique law practice.

    Bankruptcy Resources

    Our motto is “Preserving Justice, Ensuring Balance” because our goal is to ensure our clients who are filing bankruptcy in Orange County receive the legal and personal attention that everyone deserves. Our goal is to cater to the entire diverse community in Orange County. This is why we commit ourselves to research all areas of bankruptcy in order to serve everyone’s needs. To better serve you, our attorneys have spent hours researching and writing informational blogs and discussions. Please visit our resource and blog pages at Orange County bankruptcy attorneys for all the bankruptcy information you need.

    Free Bankruptcy Consultations

    Our consultations are free and we offer payment plans. Please feel free to contact us to set up an appointment. Our contact page provides our address, telephone numbers, a contact form, and direct emails. With Tran Bankruptcy Law, someone will always be there to answer your calls, emails and letters.

    Tran: Orange County bankruptcy attorneys

    At Tran Bankruptcy Law, you are not just a case number or a file. Our Orange County bankruptcy attorneys are motivated to provide great legal services with the attention to detail to get you through the bankruptcy process. The founders of the firm, Rex Tran believes clients can be better served even at low costs. This is due to their personal, professional and military experience. Both have given their time and service as war veterans that still currently serve in the United States Army Reserve here in Orange County. 

    Attorney Rex Tran

    Rex graduated law school in Southern California at the California Western School of Law. Moreover, not only did he completed undergrad right here in Orange County at the University of California, Irvine, he is also a Veteran serving in the United States Army Reserve with the 78th Legal Operations Detachment right here in Los Alamitos, CA. He was born and raised in Orange County. During this time, he has witnessed what the economic downturn has done to the people and businesses here. He is no stranger to the idea that in many circumstances a fresh start can lead to economic prosperity for everyone. Rex has vast Orange County bankruptcy experience. This stems from his previous employment as a managing attorney in the nation’s largest bankruptcy firm. He Tran Bankruptcy Law in order to better serve his clients.

    Flexibility: We Will Work With You

    Additionally, we are extremely flexible in all aspects of the process. Whether, you require an appointment away from an office location, communication through email or payment options, we will work with you to meet your needs. Our attorneys live right here in Orange County. If you cannot make it to our Santa Ana headquarters, we are more than willing to reserve a conference room or meet at a location more comfortable to you. We are here to serve you and want to help our community grow. Our Orange County bankruptcy offices will be looking forward to helping you move forward with a fresh start.