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Our bankruptcy attorneys and lawyers at Orange County bankruptcy attorneys primarily focus our practice on Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases in Orange County, Los Angeles and Riverside.

Headquarters in Santa Ana, CA

Our headquarters centers around where we grew up and our community. We are located in the city of Santa Ana, CA.  Here, the firm was established in 2012 to provide our bankruptcy clients with experienced and knowledgeable attorneys that care.  By caring, I mean that we will act efficiently to save you time and money. We will give your case the utmost attention to detail that you deserve during this most difficult of times. Along with my colleagues, our focus is to provide you with the best service at the most competitive prices in Orange County, Los Angeles and Riverside.

Focus on Orange County and Southern California Clients

Additionally, we work on focusing our schedule around our clients. Bankruptcy is tough, complicated and stressful. Due to this, we strive to reduce these hurdles for our clients. Therefore, I truly believe that we are your first choice among other attorneys and other options.  Moreover, with our competitive rates, there is no need to higher petition preparers, paralegals or attempt to file bankruptcy on your own.

Experience in Orange County, Los Angeles and Riverside

Our Orange County bankruptcy attorneys at Tran Bankruptcy Law have big firm experience. I have managed law offices at the largest of bankruptcy firms. Additionally, we have over 20 years of combined legal experience. Our experience encompassese US Army JAG Corps and civilian legal practice. This is where our attention to detail and desire to do things the right way was founded.

Moreover, we have built rapport with a number of bankruptcy trustees, other bankruptcy attorneys and bankruptcy judges within the Orange County, Los Angeles and Riverside areas.

We serve Orange County, Los Angeles and Riverside

If you are in need of bankruptcy services or anything relating, please feel free to contact Tran Bankruptcy Law.  We offer free no risk in person or over the phone consultations.  You can even complete our free online evaluation form.   We thank you for giving us the time to help you.