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Bankruptcy Attorneys Practicing in the Counties of Riverside, Los Angeles and Orange

Today’s economic environment has left many families struggling financially.  Constantly, families all over Riverside, Los Angeles and Orange County contact the Bankruptcy Attorneys at The Law Offices of Chen & Tran to find out their options in dealing with their financial situation.  From the first consultation forward, our Bankruptcy Lawyers and Attorneys work with the residents of Riverside.  The Attorneys discuss all the financial options such debt settlement, debt consolidation, bankruptcy and everything that is required to help clients make the right decisions in moving towards a financial fresh start.

Stop Creditor Harassment

Creditor harassment is one of the many reasons Riverside residents contact The Law Offices of Chen & Tran.  Before contacting our Riverside Bankruptcy Attorneys, clients are constantly being stressed by troublesome creditor calls.  These calls come at all times on your work, home and cell phones.  Our attorneys recognize the level of frustration this creates on clients’ lives.  The Bankruptcy Attorneys and Lawyers at The Law Offices of Chen & Tran have years of experience in helping clients in this situation.  They have filed over 1000 bankruptcy cases and can help each unique situation.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The Law Offices of Chen and Tran have experienced and dedicated Bankruptcy Attorneys.  Our Attorneys help clients come up with solutions.  In a number of cases, bankruptcy is only one of many options.  The Attorneys here understand that bankruptcy is a major decision.  Our job is to present options and allow our clients to make the right decision for their situation.  This is why we help clients think of creative and effective ways to obtain debt relief and a stronger financial future.

If bankruptcy is the decision, our Bankruptcy Attorneys at The Law Offices of Chen & Tran have years of experience helping clients file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Riverside.  This type of bankruptcy can eliminate most unsecured debt (such as credit cards and medical bills) without any further payments towards the creditors.

Additionally, The Law Offices of Chen & Tran can also provide Chapter 13 services if clients decide that this the right choice.  In Chapter 13 our Riverside Bankruptcy Lawyers will help clients develop a payment arrangement that they can afford.  It is similar to restructuring, but so long as the payment is made, clients will be relieved of all their debt in 3 to 5 years.  In most cases, the client does not even have to pay 100% of the debt or the interest on the debt.  Our experienced attorneys will work with you to determine whether Chapter 13 and the payment plan is right for you.

Stop Lawsuits, Bank Levies and Wage Garnishments

Filing bankruptcy provides a protection for clients against creditors.  When clients file for bankruptcy, all collection efforts must stop.  It halts lawsuits, bank levies and wage garnishments.  Speak to a Riverside Bankruptcy Attorney at The Law Offices of Chen & Tran for more information.