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Santa Ana Bankruptcy Attorney | Orange County

    Santa Ana Bankruptcy Law Offices

    Tran Bankruptcy Law has its headquarters right here in Santa Ana, CA.  We provide bankruptcy services with multiple locations throughout Orange County and Riverside. We are experienced Santa Ana bankruptcy attorneys that have managed over 1000 cases.  The bankruptcy attorneys at our firm have years of experience in bankruptcy and are here to provide quality services to fit your financial needs.

    Our Santa Ana bankruptcy offices provide great client services at competitive attorney fees, and flexible payment options

    Our goal at Tran Bankruptcy Law is to provide our Santa Ana neighbors with the personalized attention you need to get through these difficult financial times.  However, we understand that you are in the midst of financial struggle, which is why we aim to keep our fees and costs and competitive as possible with the flexibility of payment plans and options. Our consultations are free at no risk to you.  Feel free to contact our Santa Ana office for a quick phone interview to determine whether you should come in and visit with us for a full consultation.

    Our bankruptcy attorneys will guide you through each step of the process. We are your attorneys until your case is completed.  We will review and draft your petition. Our firm will file the petition electronically with the bankruptcy court and attend your court hearing with you. Additionally, we monitor your case until it is completely closed.  Our Santa Ana bankruptcy attorneys will be available until you get your “fresh start.”

    Bankruptcy resources in Santa Ana provided by our attorneys

    Not only are we available consistently for our Santa Ana clients, our attorneys also continue to research and write about all topics concerning bankruptcy. We strive to inform our clients with up to date information.

    Tran: Santa Ana Bankruptcy Attorneys

    At Tran Bankruptcy Law, you will not be run through mill or conveyor belt.  Our Orange County bankruptcy attorneys are in the heart of Santa Ana and are committed to giving you personalized attention.  All consultations are with an attorney and attorneys are available to answer calls, questions, comments or concerns.  The founders of the firm, Rex Tran believes clients can be better served even at low costs. This is due to their personal, professional and military experience. Both have given their time and service as war veterans that still currently serve in the United States Army Reserve here in Santa Ana.

    Attorney Rex Tran

    Rex graduated law school in Southern California at the California Western School of Law. Moreover, not only did he completed undergrad right here in Orange County at the University of California, Irvine, he is also a Veteran serving in the United States Army Reserve with the 78th Legal Operations Detachment right here in Los Alamitos, CA. He was born and raised in Orange County. During this time, he has witnessed what the economic downturn has done to the people and businesses here. He is no stranger to the idea that in many circumstances a fresh start can lead to economic prosperity for everyone. Rex has vast Orange County bankruptcy experience. This stems from his previous employment as a managing attorney in the nation’s largest bankruptcy firm. He started Tran Bankruptcy Law in order to better serve his clients.

    Flexibility: We Will Work With You

    Additionally, we are extremely flexible in all aspects of the process. Whether, you require an appointment away from an office location, communication through email or payment options, we will work with you to meet your needs. Our Tustin bankruptcy offices will be looking forward to helping you move forward with a fresh start.