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Spring Forward: Don’t Miss Your Fresh Start on Monday

    Fresh Start - The Law Offices of Chen & TranDaylight Savings Time…

    It’s that time!  With Lunar New Year passing comes Spring.  Plants and flowers start to bloom bringing vibrant colors to our surroundings.  The air is fresh and the weather is just right.  With Spring comes a sense of renewal or a fresh start.  However, Spring also brings us the worst day of the year, Daylight Savings Time.  That’s right, this weekend we Spring forward.

    Don’t Miss Your Fresh Start

    What does this have to do with bankruptcy you ask?   For Debtor’s who filed bankruptcy, you will NOT get that Spring fresh start if you miss your 341 Hearing (your Court date) on Monday.  So make sure before you go to bed Saturday night to set your Clocks, especially your alarm clock forward an hour.  This is the one day you should not trust your cell phone to be smart.  Verify, double check and triple check that they are on the right time in the right time zone.  I for one have already set mine forward.  I guess I will be an hour early to everything for the next day or so.

    But one thing is for certain, I will be at my Court hearings 8 AM Monday morning.