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Bankruptcy | The Truth

Bankruptcy LawyerThings You Should Know When Deciding to File for Bankruptcy

I have been a bankruptcy attorney for nearly 6 years now and have handled over 1000 cases.  I started out working for the largest bankruptcy firm in the nation.  Although that firm is now in its own bankruptcy, it taught me something that I have brought to my own bankruptcy practice here at Tran Bankruptcy Law.  That is, clients need to know the truth about bankruptcy and the process.

What Bankruptcy Attorneys Might Not Tell You

Attorneys are in the business of providing a service in order to make money.  This is our job.  However, legal decisions, such as the decision to file for bankruptcy is a major decision in your life and you need to know the facts before you move forward.  My first bit of caution is to ignore the catchy lines.

Bankruptcy Advertising and Fees

Ignore phrases such as “free consultation,” “payment plans available,” and “low cost” etc.  If you are deciding to file bankruptcy, you should at least learn about bankruptcy and talk to a knowledgeable attorneys to determine whether bankruptcy is the right decision for you.

1)  Learn about bankruptcy – you should learn the pros and cons of bankruptcy.  These are discussed in the next few pages.

2)  Find a knowledgeable attorney – speak to a number of attorneys.  The only way to determine the difference between attorneys is to contact them and find out what they do and their process.  See the next page for more details.
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